West Wind Power
Analytics, CFD, 3-D Printing & Wind Energy Devices
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West Wind Power specializes in the following areas:

  1. Analytics and Big Data
  2. Computational Fluid Dynamics Consulting
  3. 3D Prototyping work
  4. Wind Energy Devices and Systems

West Wind Analytics is a team that specializes in predictive analytics and datamining. It has over 15 years of experience including work for a Fortune 100 company. Our team has experience in database design, predictive model development, data standardization, data acquisition, data analysis and big data. They have worked on multiple platforms and leverage the best available tools for rapid development.

Examples of their previous work:

  • Geocoding and driving direction calculations (up to 1 million per day)
  • Database relationship technology
  • Record Linkage
  • Financial Modeling and Growth Forecasting
  • Advanced Model techniques (regression, decision trees, Clustering, Residual Analysis)
  • Suspect Identification
  • Text Mining

West Wind Power’s product is a patent pending innovative micro wind mill design that captures energy from the natural phenomena of air flow. It uses innovative slit position and width and hyperbolic intake and exhaust designs to more than double the ambient wind speeds. This increase makes economically feasible wind power in low wind environments (sub-class 4) possible.

  • Our wind mill does not require large transmission lines and wind farms.
  • Is environmentally friendly as it does not harm birds or other flying animals.
  • It is more aesthetically pleasing than conventional wind mills since it does not have exposed rotating blades.
  • It can be manufactured from recycled materials and has low noise unlike a large wind mill which produces the disturbing low frequency noise (the so-called “WHOOOSH” sound) from the rotating blades.
  • It has a small footprint and very few moving parts.

We have made significant progress in turning our vision into reality and our product has potential to be a “Black Swan” to change the dynamics of the huge green energy markets. Our product can disrupt the market place and has potential to be a multi- billion $ product. Think of refrigerators, everyone has one from homes to grocery stores to restaurants to offices, and we have a vision that our product will be everywhere just like the refrigerator.

Distributed power generation has several other advantages for Rural USA or other large countries such as India and China where it is difficult to expand transmission lines to remote places. Distributed power generation makes redundant the various parameters that an independent power system requires to integrate with the central grid for efficient power extraction.

Flow simulations on our initial design project a 2.6X increase of ambient wind velocity, making efficient energy capture feasible even in low wind velocity regions.


The ambient intake wind speed for this simulation was set to 2 m/s. The highest boosted wind speeds are in the throat of the device, which corresponds to a speed of 5.2 m/s, or a 2.6X acceleration of the ambient wind speed. Varying the wind speeds of the ambient air, simulations predict the following maximum wind speeds as a function of ambient wind speeds.