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Don Keller

Position: Chief Financial and Strategy Officer
Mr. Keller has had over 40 years of management experience for-profit world in manufacturing, operations and marketing in several different industries and companies. He has progressed from Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing Services Manager, Sales Manager, Vice President of Operations, General Manager, President and Chief Operating Officer. During his career, Mr. Keller, has been successfully responsible for the Profit & Loss of five different manufacturing companies including two leveraged buyouts and three turnarounds. Also he has completed two company start-ups and completed two acquisitions.

In addition, in the last 10 years he has used his “for-profit experience” in the non-profit world by advising, coaching, counseling and mentoring new and existing 501-C-3 organizations on a volunteer basis. Primary objective is to encourage the adoption of social enterprise activities to off-set the declining grant opportunities. While as volunteer with SCORE- Louisville he was elected by his peers to be Chapter Chairman, and was appointed the District Director of KY, Southern. IN, and Southern, IL and has the responsibility for 139 volunteer senior executives in four Chapters, and 9 branches offices.

TL Hosur

Position: Executive Vice President - Sales - India and Middle East
TL has 30 years of experience in Business Development and Sales encompassing two continents in Green Energy, Hotels, Construction, and Banking. He is a Senior Financial Consultant for International Banking. TL worked with Synovel, China and China Development bank on a Wind farm of 100 MW capacity in India. He is also currently the Director of Business Development for SL Capital, LLC.

He has a Master of Science (MS) degree, International Business/Trade/Commerce from Oklahoma State University and a MS in Global Consulting /International Agriculture also from Oklahoma State University

Dr. Renee Campbell

Position: Vice President - Marketing and Sales - Africa
For more than 40 years Dr. Renee Campbell has practiced in the areas of education and social work. In the last 17 years of this experience she serves as President/CEO of Wesley House Community Services, a human services organization which ‘helps people help themselves.” She has a rich background in community building as director of one of the first transitional programs in the United States. Her experience includes teaching experience at numerous Colleges and Universities, one of which is considered a leading University, according to US News and World Report. Her work, interest and passion extend beyond our borders to Africa, where in 2005 she appointed Sub-Chief in the village of Tolon, Ghana. In Tolon she created, directed and facilitated life changing programs for women and families. As one of the founding Mothers of the Louisville Clothesline Project,she brought attention to the widespread abuse of women. Finally, her experience includes spearheading, developing and implementing a program that brings attention to sexual assaults of women in Okinawa, Japan. Dr. Campbell serves on the following board of directors: Mary Byron Project; Interfaith Path to Peace; Sister Cities of Louisville, and United Nations USA, Louisville Chapter.

Dr. Thomas R Hanley

Position: Advisor
Thomas R. Hanley is a professor of chemical engineering at Auburn University. He holds a B. S., M. S., and Ph. D. degrees in chemical engineering from Virginia Tech andan MBA in management from Wright State. He has directed contracts and grants totaling over $3.1 million and over 75 student research projects, including 16 Ph. D. dissertations and 28 master's theses. He is the author of over 90 papers and over 275 presentations. He is a member of the Virginia Tech College of Engineering Committee of 100. He served on the Board of Directors of Plasticolors, Inc., the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the AIChE Foundation, the American Association of Engineering Societies, the Louisville/Jefferson County Redevelopment Authority, Innovative Productivity, Inc., the Kentucky State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, the Kentucky Partners Pollution Prevention Center and the Louisville Area Chamber of Commerce. He served on the Michigan Tech University Engineering Industrial Advisory Board for ten years and was a board member of the Louisville Advanced Technology Council for five years, serving as Board President in 1996. He served the National Science Foundation on the Divisional Advisory Committeefor Biological and Critical Systems and the Divisional Advisory Committee for Chemical, Biochemical, and Thermal Engineering

Dr. Eric Berson

Position: Co-Founder
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering at Speed Scientific School, University of Louisville. Dr. Berson is currently an elected faculty rep on the University of Louisville Athletic Association. Past and present service activities include: reviewer for 20+ different scientific journals; reviewer for ACS and multiple NSF funding programs; session Chair at AICHE; Chair of the Speed School Promotion and Tenure Committee. He also regularly mentors high school students for science fair and senior capstone projects.

Dr. Berson’s research program has focused on the development and/or improvement of bio-processes where existing techniques are limited due to complexities with the working media such as multi-phases, high-solids content, and complex flow fields. Integrating computational fluid dynamics with experimental work has been instrumental in overcoming limitations when experimental observations or measurements are difficult or impractical. Past applications include bioreactor design, kinetic and mechanistic modeling of enzymatic reactions, characterization of fluid forces in complex flow fields, and correlations of fluid forces to mammalian cellular responses.

Dr. Mahavir Singh

Position: Advisor
Mahavir has firsthand experience in both Academia and the Industry including fortune 100. He has taught & trained graduate students, researchers, scientists, and faculty members. Further, he has developed newer technologies/products employing cutting-edge tools. With an impressive track record and a history of demonstrated success, he has acquired a unique domain knowledge to direct projects independently in the areas of Drug Discovery, Diagnostics & Immuno-therapeutics. Because of his medicine background, he has an acute & in-depth understanding of the interdependent relationships between health & disease in patients, has excellent writing skills as evident by his published work in the peer-reviewed journals, meeting reports, scientific reviews, editorials, book chapters, training manuals, grant proposals and patents. His interpersonal skills for team building, recruiting, training & managing technical, scientific and administrative staff has helped organizations in meeting their mandates successfully.

Mr. Denny Clifford

Position: Advisor
Denny Clifford is an experience investment banker with public and private sector enterprises. Investment Consultant for multiple sectors of business. He graduated from University of Louisville Business School with a Masters from Florida State University. At the University of Michigan, Ross Business School, he audited courses for six years. Denny played basketball for University of Louisville and Professional Basketball with New Jersey Nets - Early Season and CBA.

Dr. Victor Andrade

Position: Vice President of Product Design
Dr. Victor Andrade is Vice President of Product Design of West Wind Power. He is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Spalding University’s School of Natural Sciences in Louisville, KY. His education and research interests have ranged across many areas in physics and mathematics, focusing primarily upon nonlinear dynamical systems and chaos theory, magnetic resonance, high energy particle physics, computational physics and remote sensing. He has authored severalJournal Articles in those areas. Dr. Andrade has worked extensively in computer simulations and modeling of physical systems. Some of his projects have included: an investigation of the e+ect of noise on phase synchronization of coupled chaotic oscillators, stability of satellites at Lagrange points in the Earth-Moon system, implementation of atmospheric models, and the development of a two microwave 0eld electron spin resonance detection methods. His main responsibility for West Wind Power is the design and modeling of the product lines


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